Thursday, October 20, 2005


I did this on deviant art and was tagged again here on blogger by Carla
So, here goes.

Tagged again

1 I can wear childrens shoes, pants and PJ bottoms, and skirts.

2 I am wearing false eyelashes right now...and my night shirt.

3 I am almost constantly in pain. I am angry about that.

4 I have decided to eliminate the people from my life who cant give and express love as well as they recieve. I have no qualms about it.

5 I have only one popcicle in the freezer and two children that want it.

6 I just now got an appointment with a gallery to show my work. It will be the first "real" show I have been in if I they like my stuff.

7 I make almost no effort to show my work in real life. I had mistakenly, told the gallery mentioned above that I wasnt interested because they woke me, and I thought it was sales call. I was nagged by friends to call them back. I finally did and was 100 percent honest about what had happened. The lady on the phone thought it was funny...thank GOD. And commended me on my honesty.

8 I am now calling my sisters house as I write. She is also an artist. A financially successful one. My sister looks just like me....but people think she is the oldest. I am.

9 I did not know my parents or sister until I was 6. I had forgotten my parents because I was sent to live with my Grandmother at 18 months. My sis was born shortly after I was sent off to Mexico.

10 I love orange marmelade....and pumpkin flavored anything. My Mom says "punkin" and it drives me crazy. She's teaching my kids to do it.

11 I have been involved with the same man for 16 years. I have felt everything from distaste, hate, distrust, anger,and love, adoration, worship, passion,and soul- bound-to, for him. I am in a love, passion, etc phase right now. He pretty much keeps his feelings for me at a nice and level... obsession. We have done, dreamed, played, and exhausted ourselves in a million projects, schemes, plans, and fancies. I have not once been bored with him or of him. He may at times be the devil but he's my devil, my Master, and my love. He's German...he'll tell me he is German as an explanation for many a thing.
He will come across town to pick up a gallon of milk for me. He holds my hand when I have to go to the emergency room.He buys me diamonds and rubies for no reason. He draws the designs for my next tattoos on my body with a washable marker He writes me naughty stories.
We go to a cabin in the woods to escape and sit on the back porch naked after hottubbing...and talk for hours. He opens all packages, cans and bottles for me, while I am in his company. I sometimes am grateful and sometimes it makes me want to smack him.
He is more than 30 years my senior...and I rarely notice.
He grew a beard for me.
He helped me pick out the false eyelashes I mentioned in number 2
He tells everyone that I am the "boss", but when he puts his foot down...that's pretty much that.
I would rip to shreds anyone that ever harmed him. So would he...he is a very large man.
His name is Bill.

12 I am going tonight to try on a fabric template/pattern for a leather skirt that is being made for me.

13 I intensely hate day after day after day of sunshine. It gives me a headache.

14 I have quite an exhibitionist streak in me.

15 I had another "Bill" in my life once. He was a greyhound. He was named that when he was working at the track. Best damn dog I ever had.

16 I lost my Dad to lung cancer June 2004. It changed who I am as a person. It was a life tragedy unlike any I have ever experienced. I was very close to my Father. He was an exceptional man. He kicked heroin, put himself through college and help countless people become clean and sober in his life. He was an exceptional artist and scientist.

17 I have 6 tattoos. On each leg there is a large one, a fairly large one on my left forearm and hand, a band on my right forearm, a small heart above my right breast, and a large tattoo on my neck and shoulder area. They are mostly flowers, vines and some hummingbirds....except for the heart. They can be seen here. ...
I plan on getting more.

18 I am pierced. And they arent all on my face....I find it very...stimulating as well as decorative.

19 People often say I live a fairy tale life...because I have unbelievable good luck. I also have unbelievable bad luck...all a matter of...luck, I guess.

20 I am a very sexual and kinky person.

21 I dont know who to tag...I'll come up with it eventually.


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Blogger diosaperdida said...

I so wanna say "fuck off spammer" but you would have no clue that I did. So...oh well.

eh...what the heck

My appolgies to anyone else reading, sorry about the language.

Thu Oct 20, 10:10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Thu Oct 20, 10:23:00 PM  
Blogger diosaperdida said...

Rod...honey...I know you probably arent a real person, but please..I have to say something...dont take it wrong...but please insert the front part of your privates, into the back end of your privates. That would make me so happy.

Nevermind me. I really enjoy replying to these comments. I'm passive aggressive.

Thu Oct 20, 10:27:00 PM  
Blogger carla said...

Becky, I just woke up so I can't think straight to respond to your really fascinating I'll come back later. I'm guessing you like the surprise visits from the spam squad, but in case you don't...just go to your settings and turn on word verification. It's under comments. Thanks for playing tag! See ya later.

Fri Oct 21, 04:29:00 AM  
Blogger diosaperdida said...

haha...yes, I find them extremely entertaining to reply to. I would be sad without them.
Thanks Carla.

Fri Oct 21, 12:27:00 PM  
Anonymous angeline said...

Hello! Just to let you know i've added yr link to my blog as i enjoyed viewing your works. I hope you don't mind. Thanks. It would be great if we can exchange comments on each other's works. =)

Tue Oct 25, 09:56:00 PM  
Blogger diosaperdida said...

Oh really are left the same message to everyone. Copy and paste.
This is probably the first you been to my blog, and you probably didnt even look at my work. I did peek at yours...I'll pass on commenting ...

Wed Oct 26, 01:16:00 AM  
Blogger andrea said...

You are one interesting woman! Wish you lived next door rather than the cardboard cutouts. I'll be back for more... (and don't become a comments whore, in spite of previous encouragement... :o)

Mon Nov 07, 10:12:00 AM  
Blogger diosaperdida said...

hmmm..she did end up doing something good. And..I commented.

I also live next to the cautouts..damn...they're breeding..

I will mention...they hate me. They expect anyone with as many tattoos as me to have some biker friend pulling up at any moment.

Mon Nov 07, 10:16:00 AM  

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