Tuesday, November 01, 2005

long over due

at least in my opinion it is over due.
I now have a store on zazzle.com, where you can purchase my little lovlies printed as posters, on cards, t-shirts, and ...even real US postage stamps.
They have reasonable prices and most items can be customized as to background colors, etc.
The clothing comes in many styles...including night shirts and childrens wear...and ALOT of sizes...we're talking mega "x"'s in front of the "large".
So think of me for the holidays...and make me a part of them.
I am seriously considering Christmas cards..Valentines day cards for sure..so keep checking back.
I also am keeping an art journal there, as well as a message board. I would love to exchange ideas on art and design with anyone willing to have an open mind, and enjoy themselves.
Of high interest to me...experimental techniques, especially focusing on mixed media.
Really..I have tried to make my store interesting and fun to browse...so git...to the site...
and as I have the delicacy and tact of a baby rhino, I'll also add...


Well, since this page is an art blog..I'll now insert ...some art..lemme rummage a moment...

lookie, there to the left, and above...art...

Oh...and here is the link to the wonderful place that is my Zazzle store.


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